34 Producers
  14 Products
  4 Municipalities

Our Story

       It all began with a simple conversation at a dinner party. In 2010, a group of producers from the Sierra Region of the Dominican Republic recognized the need for collaboration.  United by a deep appreciation for their homeland, the producers desired to contribute to the agricultural development of the country. They wanted to bring the products of their regions to external markets, but needed to establish a secure chain of production ensuring quality while remaining environmentally safe. What started as a discussion among colleagues eventually grew into the creation of the Producers Association of Controlled Environment of the Sierra Region, better known as APACOS.
       Aiming to export products with safety, quality and efficiency, APACOS caters to the unique climactic conditions of the mountainous Sierra Region by utilizing environmentally safe agricultural techniques. Since its founding, the organization has grown to include members from four municipalities in the Sierra Region, and it continues to cultivate relationships with new producers. APACOS hopes that the beauty and uniqueness of their region’s culture will be shared with the world through the secure and efficient exportation of their products.


The APACOS Processing Plant is under construction and upon completion will elevate the chain of production by offering a centralized location for the processing and packaging of APACOS’s products. By establishing a secure chain of production, APACOS can ensure that their products are produced and processed with care. Relationships with new producers and industries are flourishing including a foray into cattle farming, coffee production and wood-working products.

Our Team


President: Ramon Garcia
Treasurer: Etanislao Espinal
Vice President: Maglai Bello
Secretary: Angela Jaquez
       Fermin Urena                                                         Alfredo Torres                                           Tomas Almonte

Andres Bisono

Bladimir Abreu

Carmen Vasquez

Evelin Rodriguez

Humerto Rafael Rodriguez

Jose Isidro Nunez

Maria Gil

Rafael Genao

Tomas Almonte

Victor Ramon Estevez

Antonio Gonzales

Bolivar Peralta

Eddys Rodriguez

Francisco Peralta

Jose Antonio Lebron

Juan Alberto Rodriguez

Pablo Javier Rodriguez

Ramon Antonio Leclerc

Toribio De Jesus Tavares

Yolanda Mercedes Jaques

Benjamin Gil

Hector Jerez

Bolivar Torres

Elba Andrea Peralta

Jose Etanislao Rodriguez

Juan Ramon Sanchez

Rafael Bolivar Tores

Raquel Cruz

Toribio Tavares

Yomaris Rodriguez